Shelley Sykes

Lady Shelley Sykes has many titles and work experiences.  Currently she is Producing 5 TV Show Series for audiences to achieve an inspirational Lifestyle, is writing her 24th book, mid writing a Movie action script, looks after her special needs son, 5 Peacocks and her Beautiful Team, has created her own glamorous Fashion range, on her second music album and is currently a Diplomatic Correspondent for Malta and just completed designing the new TV Studio on a 17 acre lot in Malibu overlooking the sea and mountains.

She was nicknamed the Happiness Guru by Dr Edward De Bono the Lateral Thinking Expert because of her creativity and she can convert any disaster into a force for good.  She is like a modern Day Mary Poppins in High Heels, looks like Barbies mom and has a great smile and and brain like Einstein.  With Degrees in IT, Psychology and having lived and worked in 3 continents and travelled to 5 – Shelley believes anything is possible.  Where there is a will and passion their is a way!

Shelley loves to dance, sing and socialize.  She is continually grateful for life and the people she attracts in to her life, so it is no surprise to hear that she is the founder of the Happy Charity and has received many awards including the Susan B Anthony Award for her Philanthropy.
Shelley’s mission is to spread the happiness bug and inspire the young and old to follow their bliss with her music, TV Shows, Conference keynotes and Seminar Events, Books and Movies.